The Kimtag/Kixtag QR Code/NFC tag management system closed in March 2018 along with the company that ran it.

The domain name is currently owned by us and because we get asked regularly to help people out with old QR codes, if you have a kixtag/kimtag address/QR code/NFC Tag and would like it redirected to a single web address then email with your Kimtag address and destination URL. We do not have any records or any data belonging to the old Kimtag system at all.

IMPORTANT : we are doing this because we know how annoying it is when online systems stop working. We are making NO guarantees whatsoever that we will be able to continue to do this and the redirects may stop at ANY time and WITHOUT NOTICE. WE VERY STRONGLY advise you to change your QR codes as soon as possible.

Additionally, please note that after July 2018, it may take some time to implement redirects.

If you are looking for a QR Code management system then visit Ixkio which offers a QR code/NFC tag redirect system. If you want your Kimtag to be managed, then set up an Ixkio account first before contacting us and then we can redirect your Kimtag through Ixkio. If you are based outside Europe, contact us first.