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About Kimtag
Kimtag is a connection hub.
Share your connections.
A connection hub

Kimtag is a powerful and flexible connection hub. It allows you to share your connections with QR Codes, NFC Tags, web links, icons and more. It allows you to change your connections anytime and control who sees your connections. It provides you with full statistics on how they connect with you.

It's connection sharing made easy. And it's free.

What is a connection ?

A connection can be anything from a website, blog or online store, to a social network, to an ID, email or telephone number. Maybe it's more specific such as a single video, photo or pdf document. Maybe more traditional like a postal address. We provide the easy to use templates so you can add them, you simply choose which connections to add.

How people use Kimtag

Most people use Kimtag to list and share their personal, business or organisation's connections. However, Kimtag is also used to share all sorts of connection groups.

For example, people share contact details, photo buckets, videos and menus for weddings. They share websites, social networks, pdf downloads and links to maps and registration forms for conferences and graduation days.

Whatever your group of connections, you need a connection hub. You need Kimtag.

Kimtag features

Of course, you get a powerful and simple way of creating, organising and sharing your connections. But you also get your own QR code, a mobile optimised version of your connection page, integrated statistics, the ability to automatically redirect visitors to a preferred connection, connection level privacy settings, management and tracking systems for multiple QR Codes and Kimtags, customisable layouts and no advertising !

And the cost ?

You can set up and use Kimtag, download QR Codes and view statistics for free. That's right. Free. And we don't even put advertising on your Kimtag connection page. And we don't go selling your contact data or anything like that. The Kimtag project is run for fun by techies and costs us very little to maintain - so it costs you nothing !

Setting up a Kimtag

Just do a search on the homepage for a Kimtag that you like and reserve it. Minimum 4 characters, maximum sixteen, letters and numbers only and no spaces. Then add your networks, websites, services and other connections to your Kimtag page using our simple interface.

Using Kimtag to redirect a QR Code or NFC tag

If you would prefer not to use a connection page right now, you can easily set up a Kimtag to redirect through to anywhere you like. Just get a Kimtag, add your connection, click AutoConnect and download your QR Code (and/or purchase an NFC tag). Simple as that. And if you change your mind, just login and change your connection or set up a connection page - no need to go changing your QR Codes or NFC tags.

Linking to your Kimtag page

As well as using your QR Code, you can also link directly to your Kimtag connections page via mobile or desktop. We provide one click social media shares, a range of buttons and icons, short links with built in tracking and who lot more. Kimtag is a connection hub. It's what we do.

Getting started