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The Connection Page
Connection Page layout

Kimtag connection hub pages are built around a framework so that users see a familiar layout. However, many aspects can be quickly and easily changed such as your details, your icon, the page background and so on.

kimtag example hub page

Our interface makes it easy to add, remove and prioritise your connections and user information.

Page formats

Kimtag detects the best hub page layout depending on the users browser and machine.

In addition, we control the way connections work depending on the access method. For example, if your visitor is on a mobile, we activate a click-to-call system on any phone connections you may have added.

You only need to add your connections, we manage how they are displayed and how they work depending on how people want to connect to you.

kimtag mobile hub page example
Page settings and statistics
kimtag hub page settings examples

The Kimtag connection page is edited using a simple 'what you see is what you get' interface. Just add your connections with a few clicks and add any other extra information you want with a couple more. It's so easy to use.

In addition, we also provide all Kimtag users with a settings area where you can change the design, enable automatic redirect (for QR codes for example) and view tag statistics such as the tag views, unique users and connection click statistics.

You can also download QR code images in various file formats and use our design section to change the look and feel of your connection page and upload your own background image.