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Getting Started
It takes just a few minutes to get a Kimtag up and running. You just register a free Kimtag which acts as the 'hub', then add your connections using our simple interface. We automatically create both web & mobile connection pages which people can visit from a web linkLink to your Kimtag with :   or   or the short url
Or any number of icons and buttons :
, QR codeQR Codes are 2D bar codes which can be scanned using mobile phones to link directly through to your Kimtag connections page. They are unique to your Kimtag. or NFC tagNear Field Communication (NFC) is a short range wireless technology which enables you to embed data (ie, your kimtag address) into tags, stickers, etc. NFC tags require no batteries and can be scanned quickly and easily by any NFC enabled mobile phone..

You can then either instantly redirect visitors to a specific connection (for example, from a QR Code scan) or allow your visitors to see all your connections and select how they want to connect to you.

Check out how to get started in three simple stages :
Step 1 : Choose a Kimtag
Your Kimtag acts as your management system. So, first you need to create your Kimtag by finding a unique tag : 4-16 characters, no spaces. Just search on our homepage for anything you like, enter your email address for admin purposes (which won't be publicly visible) and off you go.
Step 2 : Add your connections
Use our simple interface to add one, all or any of your connections to your connections hub page then order them.
Step 3 : Get your QR Code and addresses
Use any of the Kimtag addresses, icons, buttons, NFC tags or the QR code wherever you used to put that big list of all your connections.
That's it !